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My Top 3 Favorite "Journey Today Show" Openers

There are two things you will find in every episode of the “Journey Today Show!” 1. Rich Biblical content that points kids toward Jesus. 2. Laugh-out-loud humor. That’s not by accident! Laughter is one of the greatest tools for getting kids interested in learning. That’s why we pack so much comedy into each opener of the “Journey Today Show.” Want to see for yourself? Here are 3 of our favorite JTS show openers from the past year...

***PLUS...see below for how you can get the FULL EPISODES FOR FREE!***


Old Dudes Who Can Rock

What's the best way to learn the 10 Commandments? By singing it to the tune of "Step by Step" by New Kids on the Block--duh! BTW...have you ever tried making "adultery" rhyme with the number seven in a kid-friendly way? Me either...until now.



That's not gibberish. That's how you phonetically say "What a mess!" backwards. It's not easy and we only had one take to do it. Why? Because cleaning this mess up wasn't nearly as easy as we made it look in this intro! This was a SUPER FUN way to start off a lesson about the "backwards" teachings of Jesus.


Mission Improbable

Okay, so get this...Camille was posing as me, posing as her, posing as me, posing as her, posing as me while I was posing as her, posing as me, posing as her, posing as me, posing as a racoon. Got it? Also, we learned about the 12 spies spying on Canaan.

Give it a try for FREE!

The "Journey Today Show" is a part of GO! Curriculum. We would love for you to give it a try! In fact, we're giving you ALL 3 FULL EPISODES + the lessons they go with FOR FREE!

Here's how to get them:

1. Sign up for a FREE GO! account. (Or sign in if you already have one.)

2. Explore the "Free Resources" area of the GO! Dashboard. You'll find JTS videos, GO! lessons, and much, much more!



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