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Pre-order Topher the Gopher plush toys TODAY!

If you haven't already heard...we're in the process of creating a Topher the Gopher plush toy! WAHOOOOO!

And we've got good news -- the toys will be arriving by the end of May! For this first run, we ordered a limited supply, so if you want to get your hands on the Topher toys before they run out, I would encourage you to pre-order

Not just a toy. It's a tool too!

The Topher plush is more than a toy, though. He's a teaching tool too! With a push of his paw, Topher talks to kids.


In addition to Topher's classic greeting, he tells kids 6 different core Biblical truths. With the help of Topher, these important truths will take root in their hearts and minds forever.

Here's what Topher says:

  • My name is Topher the Gopher and I'm your furry friend. Can I have a hug?

  • It's true, it's true, the Bible is true. Let's read the Bible together.

  • Jesus loves you so, so much!

  • You can pray to God anytime, anywhere and about anything.

  • God is with you all the time.

  • I love going to church. Do you love going to church too?

  • Jesus died but now he is ALIVE!

Watch the video below to see a product demo:

P.S. If you don't use GO! for preschool yet, check it out. Your littles will LOVE Topher the Gopher. 

P.P.S. If you have the GO! for preschool basic plan, consider upgrading to premium to get the "Topher Time" and "Extra Time with Topher" video lessons. 


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