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How We Are Praying For You This Easter

You're gearing up to teach the children God has entrusted to you about Easter – the incredible story of Jesus’ resurrection!

We, of course, want you to have all the resources you need to share that good news (we’re actually giving our Easter lesson away for free here). More than that, though, we want your Easter services to be filled with God’s Spirit!

To that end, here’s how we’re praying for you:

We’re praying God would give you all the time you need to handle the details of your Easter programming and the wisdom to know when enough is enough.

We’re praying that God would give you and your team the words you need to share the incredible news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

We’re praying you’d experience more joy than stress (we’ve been in local church children’s ministry – we get it).

We’re praying you’d have children come to know Jesus for the first time – or at least begin to consider what it means to follow Him.

We know that Easter – like Christmas – is the absolute best and the absolute hardest time in ministry.

We are on your side and cheering for you.

We hope this is your best Easter yet!


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