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Get 3 FREE episodes of Topher Time for preschoolers!


What time is it?...IT'S TOPHER TIME! One of the things we hear over and over from churches who use GO! preschool curriculum is how much their kids LOVE Topher the Gopher! He's a playful and mischievous little gopher who helps the preschoolers learn to love and follow Jesus. And now, Topher has come to life through a new video series called "Topher Time." Best of can get the first 3 episodes for FREE. Here's how...

  1. Sign up here or click the button below to create a free GO! account. (If you already have one, simply sign in.)

  2. On the "Free Resources" tab, scroll down to the "Topher Time" videos.'s that easy! And While you're there, check out all the other free resources from GO! including preschool and elementary lessons as well as episodes of the "Journey Today Show."

Sounds awesome! Tell me more...

The "Topher Time" video series follows the GO! Curriculum preschool scope and sequence. It makes teaching the preschool lesson SO easy! As with everything GO! does, "Topher Time" is an interactive experience. Instead of just watching the video, preschoolers get to participate! For details on pricing and packages, visit our all-new-super-duper web site (YAY!!!)


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