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Sneak Peek: GO! preschool scope and sequence

In just a matter of weeks, GO! for preschool is going to drop! In the month of June, the updated GO! website will launch and preschool lessons will be available for purchase. WAHOOO! In the meantime, during the month of May, we're giving you some sneak peeks at what's to come. Today's sneak peek: THE GO! PRESCHOOL SCOPE AND SEQUENCE Wait! Don't stop reading yet! I know that might sound boring (especially compared to Topher the Gopher and the Super Duper Bible Box), but it's not! I've said it before, the scope and sequence is the most important thing that nobody is talking about. It's geek speak for, "Here's what we're going to learn and here's the order in which we're going to learn it." In short, it's the engine that drives a curriculum. That's why it's the first thing we created.

The preschool scope and sequence will generally follow the elementary scope and sequence (same section of the Bible at the same time), but it will go at a pace that is more age-appropriate for preschoolers. Sometimes the stories will be the same as elementary, and sometimes different. For preschool, the story is different every week, but we’ll spend 2-3 weeks on the same Big Idea and Memory Verse. So with no further ado, (drum roll please) I present to you the GO! preschool scope and sequence (cymbal crash). Click right here to take a look and download a copy. (We'll continue to update the series titles and descriptions as the year progresses.) Then, after your read it, get excited, because it's coming soon!

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