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Top 3 reasons to download the 4 FREE lessons from GO!

Wouldn't it be great if you found a curriculum that was both Biblically rich AND wildly fun? A curriculum that put God at the center of the story, but put kids at the center of the storytelling? A curriculum that volunteers love as much as the kids? (Answer: Why yes...yes it would!) I've got great news: that curriculum exists. It's called GO! We know that most people like to kick the tires of a new curriculum before driving it off the lot. That's why we're giving you 4 FREE GO! lessons. You get the "Space Ninjas vs. Pirate Squirrels" series for $0. Why should you download it? Great question! Here are the top 3 reasons: Reason #1: You get $100 worth of curriculum for FREE! As in zilch, zip, nada. Do you know what you could do with the money you save? Break it into a hundred one-dollar bills and roll around in it, or shoot them out of a confetti canon, or invest it back into your children's ministry. Yeah...maybe just do that last one. Reason #2: It just might be the best curriculum you've ever used. That's what Tabitha told us. She said, "I have been loving GO! so much!! This is truly an answer to prayer for me! I have looked and looked for quality curriculum and GO! is the best out there!!!" We actually get that feedback a lot! Reason #3: Did I mention it's FREE? Let me check. Yup...I see it now. It was reason #1. My bad. It really should have been the top 2 reasons. Actually, when you really dive into the GO! lessons, you'll see that there's more like a bazillion reasons to give it a try. But the bottom line is that it's free to try and it's really, really many more reasons do you need than that? So what are you waiting for? Click this link right here to download the lessons and get started using your favorite new curriculum! Then, if you want to know even more about GO!, check out our super duper website.

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