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What is your curriculum REALLY costing you?

You may have already realized that when you buy a KidMin curriculum, there’s the price and then there’s the cost. The price is the money that you spent to initially purchase the curriculum, but the cost is the total amount that you spent to execute the curriculum over the course of its lifetime. Here are a few questions that will help you determine what the REAL cost of your curriculum is. How much time do you spend rewriting the curriculum? This can be by far the biggest hidden cost. Consider this scenario: you’re a paid children’s pastor (hooray), you get paid a modest $15/hour (boo) and you spend 4 hours of your week “fixing” your curriculum (double boo). That equates to an additional cost of $3,120 over the course of a year. OUCH! Not to mention that it’s costing you precious time that you could be using to pastor kids and families. Even if you do this as a volunteer, you’re time is valuable and the cost of rewriting your curriculum is high. How much money do you spend on supplies? Unless you have a curriculum that depends 100% on miming, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to find or purchase some supplies. But what kind of supplies? And how many? Does your curriculum often utilize things that you might easily find around your house or church, or does it require you to make big supply purchases? Depending on how many kids you have in your ministry, the supply requirements of your curriculum could cost thousands of additional dollars. How effective is your curriculum? Not every cost is a monetary one. If your curriculum fails to engage kids and draw them into a living relationship with Jesus, then it doesn’t matter what the price tag says. You can’t put a dollar sign on that cost! When I was a children's pastor, I struggled with all of these hidden costs. We bounced from curriculum to curriculum looking for one that would be effective for our kids. Each of them did something really well, but fell short in so many other areas. They were Biblically shallow, or moralistic, or boring, or just poorly written. My team spent hours every week trying to fix the lessons. Add to that the amount we were spending on materials and our curriculum was costing us A LOT! Fast forward. Years later when I began developing the GO! curriculum, I wanted to cut those costs. That why I love hearing things like this:

“GO! has been a blast! It’s so easy to work with and it has saved me hours and hours of time so I can focus on other things. Thank you! I’m very impressed with it!”

Jonathan from Mecklenburg Community Church

Moreover, I created GO! to utilize easy to find supplies from around your house or church. When a supply purchase is needed, it’s almost always something inexpensive that you can easily find at a grocery or “big box” store. Best of all, GO! is incredibly effective. It’s a Biblically rich and wildly fun curriculum that helps you lead kids into an ever-lasting relationship with the ever-living Jesus. If you love your curriculum...GREAT! But if the "costs" are too high, check out GO! You can even try it for free for a month.

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