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Would you like for me to help encourage and equip your team? If you want, you could just gather your team together and read my blog to them, but that would be lame!


Here's a better idea: invite me to speak at your event.

Whether it's a keynote, workshop, or webinar, I use my almost 20 years of KidMin experience to help people tell the next generation about Jesus. Best of all, I do it in a fun and engaging way!

David Rausch speaking to audience

Keynote: The Long Walk

During the winter of 2017, the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California received more snow than in recorded history. The following summer, David Rausch took his 13 year old daughter on a 225 mile hike over those snowy passes and through raging creeks. It was a 23 day coming-of-age adventure filled with more danger, beauty, and friendship than he ever imagined. It was also the catalyst for a deeper understanding of how to parent and minister to kids in a way that helps develop a faith that lasts. Statistics show that upon graduating from high school, kids are walking away from their faith in record numbers. How do we combat this trend? As David tells his tale of mountain adventure, he draws out lessons that every parent and minister can use to encourage their kids toward a Long Walk with Jesus.

Join the Story: Creative Ideas for Interactive Biblical Storytelling

What’s the best way to battle boredom at church? Invite kids to be a part of the Biblical storytelling. Not only does interactive storytelling keep kids engaged, it helps them retain what they’ve learned. Discover practical ideas for helping kids join the story through this hands-on workshop.


Becoming a Collaborative Leader

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re a KidMin leader. Your focus is on the kids, parents, and volunteers in your own ministry silo. But there’s power in collaborating with the other ministries in your church and beyond. During this session, you’ll discover the importance of becoming a collaborative leader and learn practical ways to break out of your silo.


Law and Order: KidMin Edition

There’s a fine line between being a KidMin leader and a zookeeper. Behavior problems can wear you and your volunteers down and distract kids from hearing the most important message ever. This session will give you practical ideas for managing kids so that you can go from surviving to thriving.

Two Minute Trainers: Bite-Sized Training Tips for Small Group Leaders

Developing volunteers into dynamic small group leaders can be tough! Where do you find the time to train them and what do you train them on? This workshop tackles both of those challenges by giving you practical small group leading tips that you can implement in two minutes or less.


Two Minute Trainers: Bite-Sized Training Tips for Large Group Teachers

Training a large group teacher can be the difference between a life-changing message and a titanic disaster, but knowing when and how to train them can be challenging. This session is filled with bite-sized practical tips for you and your leaders on preparing and delivering a dynamic message for kids.    

Making Your KidMin New Family Friendly

Being a new family in an unfamiliar church is really hard. It's like jumping into a hip hop class when you've been doing the cha-cha-cha for the past 10 years. It seems like everyone knows the moves except for you. Join this session to learn practical ways to make your KidMin new family friendly so you can stop the revolving door of visitors.


The 4 Phases of Finding a Fabulous Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum is one of the most important decision you can make for your children’s ministry, but very few people know how to do it effectively. This session is not a review of the various published curriculums. It’s a guide to assessing, testing, using, and reviewing curriculum options so that you find the best one for your KidMin.

Your First Year (or 2) in KidMin

Do you know how long the average KidMin leader lasts? (Hint: it’s not good.) Join us to learn the answer and to discover practical ways to have a great start and to avoid an early KidMin exit. This session is perfect for someone just beginning in children’s ministry, or someone who has been at it for years and wants a fresh start.

Below are just a few of the topics that I've tackled in the past, but I can also tailor something to fit your event.


Fill out the form below to tell me about your event and to find out about my availability. Or email me directly at

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