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Your KidMin might lose money if you do this...BUT IT'S WORTH IT!

Don't get me wrong... I love the idea of having kids bring a money offering to church because it helps them develop the discipline of giving to God monetarily. And that's awesome! But... Does it really help them develop a heart for giving? Consider this: at the heart of giving is sacrifice. When we give, we relinquish a portion of our time, talent, or treasure. But often times, the money kids bring for their offering is...(drum roll)…from their parents. When that's the case, the kids have sacrificed nothing. Nada. Zip. I think that's a missed opportunity on our part as KidMin leaders. Instead, maybe we should do this... 1. Encourage kids to bring their OWN money. Sure, that might mean giving goes down in terms of dollar amount, but the KidMin offering was probably never the revenue generator keeping your church afloat! 2. Encourage kids to give their time and talent. Not every kid is going to have money to give, and that's okay! God calls us to give more than just our treasure, He wants our time and talent too. But does your church have ways for kids to serve? Do you create opportunities for them to utilize their talents? Here are just a few ideas for ways you could do that:

  • KidMin tech volunteers

  • Buddy Program (kid leaders who befriend and assist new kids)

  • Clean up crew (clean up KidMin rooms after service)

  • Music and Motions team (lead hand motions during worship time)

  • Service project day (a day of kid-friendly service projects around church)

Teaching kids to create a habit of using their money as a means to reflect their love for Jesus is a wonderful thing. But the discipline of giving what we have to God is so much deeper than putting our parents cash into a basket. Let's help kids understand that!

Have a great week!


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