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The BEST Thanksgiving Activity For Your KidMin!

I recently came across this idea on the interweb and thought it was great for a children's ministry room too, so I wanted to share it with you.

It's as simple as it is brilliant!

It's a GIANT 4 x 6 foot coloring sheet that your whole room can work on together over multiple weeks! I got the idea from a website by Debbie Lynn. She even has some faith themed posters, but you could easily create your own.

I did. And it only took me about 30 minutes.

I'll tell you how below, but first...

Here's a low res version of the poster I created. If you want the full res version, you can download it for FREE on the GO! Curriculum "Free Resources" page. Click here to sign up or sign in, then scroll down to the coloring pages section.

I found the image on Shutterstock. The image pack I bought put the per/image cost at about $10. is another website I use that allows you to download some images for free (premium images require a subscription). This search query turns up some good results.

Next, I downloaded a font called Portico Outline. It's free for non-commercial use. (For other options, you can do a web search for "free outline fonts.") I used photoshop to add the text to the image, but I believe Canva would work too.

If you can do large scale printing at your church...bonus! Otherwise, you'll need to print at a local office or print shop. Once you've got the poster, lay it on some tables or the floor, or tape it to a wall. (If you tape it to the wall, you might want to double up the paper to protect against bleed through.)

Throw in some markers and've got a fun activity that results in a giant reminder about God's goodness. And just in time for Thanksgiving!



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