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My 2 favorite things right now...

I love sharing!

(Well...most of the time. If you reach for my bowl of moose tracks ice cream, there could be a tussle.)

Most of all, I love sharing resources that help you reach kids with the good news of Jesus. Here are 2 resources that I'm in love with right now. In fact, I love them so much, I incorporated them one way or another into the GO! resources.

#1 "Ready, Set, Go" by Yancy

When we were scrambling to move GO! Curriculum to an online format because of COVID19, I wanted there to be a music component. Of course, Yancy was the first person I reached out to.


With her Little Praise Party cartoon style videos, Yancy crafts such great lyrics and wraps them with music that is enjoyable for all ages…even leaders and parents.

But here's what I really love right now...

Yancy recently released a new collection of Little Praise Party cartoon music videos called "Ready, Set, Go." It's great for preschool and early elementary grades! And I love how much you get with it:

  • Motion instructional videos

  • Worship leader training videos

  • Full Mix version

  • Sound Track version (no lead vocal)

  • Split Track version (vocals split from music)

  • Coloring pages (with reproduction rights)

  • Lyric sheets

  • Group showing license that gives you rights to use the videos in a group setting at your church.

Click here to check it out. The kids at your church will love it!

#2: Anything and everything by Casey Jordan

If you've used (or even previewed) BOLT VBS, you probably recognize Casey's face—she's the lead teacher in the BOLT videos. She was on my KidMin team at my previous church and she's the most talented and profound writer and teacher I know.

That is not hyperbole!

You might also recognize her name from GO! Curriculum. She's one of the contributors to the weekly devotionals we include as a part of the lessons.

Nowadays, Casey mostly writes for adults. She has an unmatched ability to pack so much profound Biblical truth in so few words. I get her blog in my e-mail and read her post first thing in the morning. It's my morning devotional. It's quick, it's easy, and it's a great way to start the day.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her blog.

And if you like her writing, you should see her teach! My goodness she is good! She would be perfect as a retreat/event/conference speaker at your church. You can contact her through her website.



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