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Let Us Ruin VBS For You

Recently, someone asked on Facebook if GO! is publishing a new VBS this summer. The answer, in short, is no. (If you want to know why, you can read my previous statement here.)

The (not so) sad news prompted the following thread...

It brings me no joy to see people struggling to find the right VBS, but this thread made me smile a little bit. Here's why...

It's proof that GO! VBS has been a game changer for so many churches!

If you haven't used NORB-E VBS yet, you should! You'll love it! Your leaders will love it! Best of all, your kids will LOVE it!

And if you have, then give BOLT: Totally 80's a try. It's just as rad as NORB-E!

But I have to warn you...

We might ruin VBS for you! Because once you give us a try, you could have a hard time using anything else!

(Click the images below to explore our VBS options.)



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