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Kingdom Builders

We talked recently with a GO! Curriculum user that just made our day.

Here’s what she said:

“With the GO! Curriculum I no longer feel that I'm babysitting, but that I'm kingdom building.”

YOU are a kingdom builder.

You are.

Here’s the thing.

We created GO! to help you be a kingdom builder. But even if you’re getting our emails and using a different curriculum, we’re still cheering you on! You want to do what we want to do – and that is to see children enter a lifelong relationship with Jesus!

You are not a babysitter. You’re a kingdom builder. That is who you are. That is how you’ve been called.

We’re praying right now for how God is using YOU to build His kingdom.

If you’re in love with the curriculum you’re using, awesome! We’re all on the same team – we all want kids to get to know Jesus. But if you’ve never explored what we’re doing we’d love to give you a whole unit for free.

Take it for a spin. We believe that giving children deeply biblical content and having a blast doing it are not mutually exclusive. We go chronologically through the Bible and get kids out of their seats and into the storytelling action. We’d love you to try it out!

But, seriously. You’re a kingdom builder. You have an amazing calling and we want to support and encourage you however we can.



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