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Kids are going nuts for this...

Now that Easter is over, summer is on the horizon, and GO! has the perfect event for the season! It's called “The Big Drop”—a gospel-centered family experience unlike any other! During this event, families will play games, eat sweet treats, and watch gravity do its thing as you drop stuff from way up high and watch it go KERSPLAT! Best of all, everyone will hear the story of Jesus’ first disciples and discover how we too should drop everything and follow Him. Watch the video preview below...

"The Big Drop" comes with multiple sets of media so you can tailor the event to the season in which you are holding it. Host it as a fall-festival, summer party, back-to-school bash, outreach event, make it a part of your VBS, or add it onto your trunk-or-treat event.

No matter how you use it, The Big Drop will be the gospel-centered event that families talk about ALL YEAR LONG! "We did our Big Drop on Saturday and it was a HUGE success!

THANK YOU Go! for creating such a great environment to bring the whole church family together and for such a powerful message." - Connie Costa



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