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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Preschool videos are COMING SOON! 🎉

COMING SOON: AN ALL NEW VIDEO SERIES FOR PRESCHOOLERS! It's official...GO! Curriculum has begun filming a brand new show for preschoolers called "Topher Time!"


Together, our friends Topher the Gopher and Timmy Bow Ties will be helping preschoolers learn how to love and follow Jesus through this all new, super-fun and interactive video series.

"Topher Time" follows the GO! preschool lessons and will launch in time for the start of the 23-24 Scope and Sequence, which begins in August.

Stay tuned for more info and sneak peaks and the God-soaked fun coming your way! In the meantime, enjoy this snapshot of Timmy Bow Ties in action during the first ever "Topher Time" scene ^^^.



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