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How a simple mailbox can transform your preschool room

An AWESOME group management tool for preschoolers...

A KidMin leader recently posted in one of our Facebook groups about something BRILLIANT her preschool teacher is doing to help manager behavior in the room, so I wanted to share it with everyone! A bit of background... In the GO! preschool curriculum, there's a character named Maisy the Mailbox who occasionally makes an appearance. Whenever Maisy has a message, she lights up, then the teacher opens her, takes out the message, and reads it to the children.

But here's what one church started doing...

Even though the Maisy unit was over, they kept her in the preschool room. Now, whenever the kids get too loud or off track, the teacher lights Maisy up, then the kids quietly raise their hand and point. She takes the message out and "reads" it.

Here's an example message: "Maisy says it's too noisy. She can't hear what the teacher is saying." And here's another one: "Maisy says to take turns talking."

You could also use Maisy to reinforce positive behavior. For example: "Maisy says you were such great listeners today."

The kids LOVE Maisy and respond so well to her! If you want to give it a try, you can make your own!


How to create your own Maisy the Mailbox:

Step 1:

Purchase the following materials:

  • A mailbox like this green one or this white one.

  • Remote controlled string lights like this.

  • If you want to use standard Christmas lights without a remote, plug them into an extension cord with a foot switch like this.

Step 2:

Click the images below to download Maisy's face. You can choose between green or white. Next, print the face onto cardstock paper and cut it out with scissors.

Step 3:

Tape Maisy's face to the mailbox, then wrap her in the string lights and plug the lights in.

Step 4:

Write a series of go-to messages on cards, then place them in the mailbox. (You can write multiple messages on each card. Since the kids can't read, they won't be able to tell that every card is the same 😁.) Here are some sample messages you could use:

  • Maisy says it's too noisy. She can't hear what the teacher is saying.

  • Maisy says to take turns talking.

  • Maisy says remember to be kind and respectful.

  • Maisy says to sit on your bottoms and listen quietly.

  • Maisy says to raise your hand quietly if you want to say something.

  • Maisy says thank you for being such great helpers today.

  • Maisy says thank you for listening so carefully.

  • Maisy says she's so happy to see you today.

  • Maisy says she can't wait to see you again next week.


If you give it a try, drop us a message and let us know how it goes. And if you're looking for a great preschool (or elementary) curriculum that both kids and leaders will LOVE, subscribe to GO! Curriculum!



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