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Helping You Understand The Latest Lingo

To be bussin, or not to be bussin? That is the question.

Have no idea what I’m talking about?

Yeah, me neither.

"Bussin" is one of many words that are thrown around by kids nowadays that often leave adults like me feeling out of touch and totally uncool.

For grown-ups like us who aren't lit, it's easy to fall into one of two categories:

  1. We ignore the latest lingo. Because even if we tried to wrap our minds around slang terms, by the time we were ready to incorporate them into our everyday vernacular, those words would be so yesterday. Or...

  2. We overuse the latest lingo. This is the quickest way to eradicate new lingo. Can’t stand a certain phrase young people are using? Overuse the heck out of it. Lingo immediately loses style points the second it leaves an adults mouth.

Believe it or not, there's a 3rd option, though. As KidMin leaders, it's imperative that we understand the culture and language our kids are growing up with. Using current slang at appropriate times and in appropriate amounts can actually help bridge the age gap between us and make us more relatable. So to help you do that, here's a short glossary with some of today's most popular slang:

  • Bussin: extremely great

  • Lit: amazing, cool, or exciting

  • Extra: over-the-top or extreme

  • Gucci: good, cool, or going well

  • Mood: a word to signify agreement

  • Spill the tea: tell me the story, news, or gossip

  • Fire: hot, trendy, amazing (formerly "straight fire")

  • Low-Key: added to a feeling or desire to downplay it (i.e. "I'm low-key freaking out")

  • Fit: short for outfit

  • Salty: bitter or angry

So much of kids ministry is about meeting kids where they are, but there’s no perfect approach, so just remember to be true to who you are.

Ultimately, kids don’t need leaders with rizz and swag, but someone who is genuine and authentic with a heart for Jesus. Bet.

We’re in this together,

Timmy Bow Ties

Bonus content! Watch Timmy Bow Ties challenge his mom to the Slang Game:



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