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Five Ways To Pray For Your Ministry

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the work of children’s ministry. I get it—there’s so much to do.

But take a breath.

I’m serious.

Stop right where you are and take a breath.

Now let me tell you something you already know.

We don’t do what we do out of our own strength. Without the Spirit, we can’t truly change hearts, or minds, or lives. So let’s take a moment to do the most important “work” of ministry. Let’s pray to God and invite Him into our efforts.

Here are five short prayers you can pray right now.

1. God, give me focus. There are a thousand things vying for my attention. I need your wisdom so I can focus on what will make the greatest Kingdom impact. Strip away distractions. Strip away secondary things.

2. God, give me clarity. I really just want every child that comes through our ministry to know about You. Give me – and ever member of our team – the words we need to tell the children in our care about Your amazing love.

3. God, thank you for the volunteers that show up every week to love and serve the children in our ministry. I could not do this alone and I’m grateful for the faithful men and women that give their time. Help me lead them well.

4. God, thank you for the families I get to serve. Give me the wisdom to navigate hard situations and give me everything I need to equip parents to lead their children throughout the week. I know you’ve called me to make a difference in the handful of hours I have a month. But their parents have so much more time with them and I pray you’d use our ministry to encourage and support the time they have together.

5. God, use our ministry to build your Kingdom. Draw the hearts of children to You. Draw parents to You. You have graciously allowed us to participate in building Your Kingdom – but we can’t do it without You.

God is so good to let us participate in building His Kingdom. But we can’t make a difference apart from Him. So, pray. This is not your ministry – it’s His.

So invite Him in to it.

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