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Easter Egg-stravaganza: a gospel-centered Easter egg hunt for families at home


Because of COVID19, church and community Easter egg hunts have been cancelled all around the world. So instead of bringing families to the Easter egg hunt, let's bring the Easter egg hunt to families.

"Easter Egg-stravaganza: Home Edition" is a Bible-based Easter egg hunt that parents can do with their children at home. Parents provide the plastic Easter eggs and candy or treats, and we provide the video and print materials to transform the hunt into a fun-filled, Gospel-centered experience. With step-by-step instructions, it’s so easy to do!

Ahead of time, parents hide Easter eggs around the house or yard. Some eggs have candy or treats and some have Easter story pictures from the Bible. When ready, simply play the video for the kids and have them do what it says. As the eggs are recovered, the good news is discovered—Jesus is alive!

You can preview the video below. (BTW...that's me!)

We already have some reviews rolling in as well. Check out this SUPER CUTE video review by a couple of our young super-fans:

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