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5 Socially-Distanced Games to Play This Summer

Social distancing is hard – especially for children who don’t understand why they can’t get closer to their friends. So, to make things just a little easier, here are five socially distanced games you can play while children are still arriving before the service or even after the service if you need to fill a bit more time (we’ve all been there).

1. Freeze Dance

This game is super simple and can take as much or as little time as you have

allotted. Put together a playlist of fun, upbeat music and you’re ready to go. Tell the

kids to show off their best dance moves so long as the music is playing. Then, when

the music stops, tell them to freeze in whatever position they’re in. The classic game

eliminates the kids who don’t freeze immediately when the music stops. You can do

that, or you could consider using a physical challenge for those who don’t freeze.

For example, ten jumping jacks or five push-ups.

2. Simon Says

This is another classic. Think of ways to get creative. Rather than a simple round of

“Simon says, ‘Touch your nose,’” tell them to play air guitar, waddle like a penguin,

act like a monkey. Another way to make it just a little bit harder would be to have

the kids do the opposite of what you say. (You may want to go back to simple

instructions for this one). For instance, if Simon says to stand in their right foot, the

kids have to stand on their left foot.

3. High Wire

Using tape or carpet Velcro, create a “tight rope” walk for the kids to follow. It could

be as simple as a long straight line or as complex as a path that zigs and zags

around the room. Bonus: if you have a couple of volunteers that can help monitor

the course, create a couple of stops where the kids have to do a challenge – bust

out their best dance move, spin in a circle three times, do ten jumping jacks –

before continuing on with the course. And, if they lose their balance, send them

back to the beginning!

4. Lion's Den

Line the kids up on one end of the room – six feet apart. Choose one child to be

“the lion.” The lion is in its den and goes to sleep (“the den” should be about midway

between the starting and finish line and off to one side). When the lion closes his or

her eyes, the other players must silently tiptoe past the den from the starting line to

the finish line. If the lion hears any noise, it will wake up and roar! The other plays

must freeze in place. If the lion catches any of the other players moving, that player

has to go back to the starting line. The first player to make it to the finish line

without getting caught by the lion is the new lion.

5. I Spy

Create a real-life I Spy game in your children’s ministry room! Print out a series of

images and hide them around the room. Then, make a list of all of the items the

kids need to find so they can check them off as they go! The best part of this game

is that it can change with the seasons. For summer, hide pictures of flip-flops, palm

trees, and sunglasses. You can update it for fall with pumpkins and leaves that have

changed colors. You get the idea. But you can easily change the location of the

pictures week to week to keep it fresh and fun!

So, there you go—five socially distanced games you can pull out whenever you need them. On the whole they take very little preparation or supplies. Let us know what you’re doing to keep your kids safe as you reopen!



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