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5 ⭐'s - Here's what I'm LOVING this month! (June)

I'm always on the lookout for awesome resources - and I bet you are, too! So, here are four that I'm loving right now!

Micah's Super Vlog l @MicahsSuperVlog

Let's be honest...the quality of Christian shows is sometimes lagging. But not with "Micah's Super Vlog!" These animates shorts are as high-quality as they are hilarious! Here's how their YouTube page describes the show:

"Micah’s Super Vlog is an animated Christian comedy about a boy named Micah, who learns (sometimes the hard way!) how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ! He uses his video log as way to speak his mind, tell us how he feels, and introduce us to fun new characters!"

In addition to YouTube, you can find the show on streaming platforms like Right Now Media and Minno. There aren't a ton of episodes, so that's a bummer! But if you're covering a topic in your KidMin that has a corresponding Super Vlog, watching an episode would be a really fun way to reinforce the lesson!


30 Second Dance Party l By: Willkommen

Do the kids in your ministry ever get squirrely? (If not, have you checked their pulse?) In some situations, you can get them back with a simple, "1, 2, 3...eyes on me!" At other times, though, you might need to get a little more...well...creative! That's where the "30 Second Dance Party" button comes in! When you hit the button, a German DJ (yes, that's right!) will kick off 30 seconds of dance party music. It's the perfect amount of time for kids to jump up and get their wiggles out. Is it a cure all for your group management woes? Nah! But if used well, it's a fun little tool to have in your back pocket!


Carlitos the Be Brave Monkey l By: Uncle Charlie

I met Charlie Bancroft (a.k.a. Uncle Charlie) at a KidMin conference a couple years ago and he quickly become one of my favorite people on Earth! If you've been in KidMin for awhile, you might remember Uncle Charlie for his KidMin music, but now he's got a new passion: helping kids who are fighting uphill battles--like special needs kids, kids with cancer, foster care kids, and now...the kids in Ukraine.

Charlie created "Carlitos the Be Brave Monkey" as a tangible way to help little kids feel brave in scary situations. More than that, Carlitos comes with a character card that directs them to the "Carlitos World" website where they can learn about God.

If there are kids in your ministry going through tough times, giving them Carlitos would be a great way to help them be brave. You could also partner with Charlie for VBS, Awana, or other church mission projects.


Shared Resource Center l By: GO! Curriculum

After MANY hours and MUCH work, it's FINALLY here! GO! has launched a new website with lots of really cool features. WAHOOO!!! I want to highlight one of my FAVORITE features on the the new site--the Shared Resources section. It's an area filled with tons of children's ministry documents from churches like you. Think of it like the "give a penny, take a penny" tray, but with KidMin documents--handbooks, volunteer training, job descriptions, social media policies, special needs documents, and SO MUCH MORE! Instead of recreating the wheel, you can see how other churches are doing it. Want to check it out? Here's how you get there: 1.) Click here to create a FREE GO! account. 2.) Click on the Shared Resources tab. 3.) Enter the password. (To get the password, share a document of your own. This is how we keep the database growing!) I hope this is a HUGE blessing to you and your ministry!



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