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5 ⭐'s - Here's what I'm LOVING in October!

I'm always on the lookout for awesome resources - and I bet you are, too! So, here are four that I'm loving right now!

(And as always...these are NOT paid endorsements! I only recommend resources that I think are truly awesome and worthy of your attention!)

Time to Update: 7 Areas to Integrate Digital Discipleship into Your Children's Ministry Strategy by Brittany Nelson

I've seen "Time to Update" on a lot of KidMin leader's reading lists and I've finally got around to starting it myself. I can now see why so many people are loving it!

Whether you still need help setting the clock on your oven or you know how to code websites, there's something in this book for you. "Time to Update" is a great resource for helping you think about how you can leverage the digital world for the purpose of discipling kids.

What I especially love is that it's obvious how much research Brittany put into the book. It's well thought out and has so many practical tips for how you can use your website, social media, and other tech tools to make a kingdom impact.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder by Nintendo

I started playing this game on the Nintendo Switch last week and I LOVE it! It's like the classic side-scrolling Mario Bros. game from my childhood, but on steroids. It's so hard to put down!

Why am I telling you this in an email to KidMin leaders?

Because there's a really good chance the kids in your ministry are playing it too. Or maybe they're playing Super Mario Odyssey (which in my opinion is even better), or Luigi's Mansion 3, or Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Nintendo Switch is by far the most popular gaming system for elementary-age kids, so if you want to connect with them (especially the boys), ask them if they've played Mario Wonder yet. Or ask them what their favorite Switch game is. But be ready...they'll probably have a LOT to say!

(Bonus points if you have your own system and can talk to them with first-hand knowledge! I know...research is hard! 😂)


Heavy-Duty Solid Color Classroom Rug

by School Outfitters

I've said it before--there's a fine line between being a KidMin leader and a zoo keeper! And believe it or not, these round rugs can help keep you from becoming the latter. They're a great group management tool, especially for preschool and early elementary kids who do better with physical and visual boundaries.

If you're a larger church with multiple small groups, get a different colored rug for each group, then have the groups bring their rug to the large group lesson and sit on it together. Make it a rule that their bottoms must be touching the rug. It's important that the small group leader sits with them too!

When large group is over, the kids can work together to carry their rug to their small group location where the new rule is that they have to sit on the edge of the rug facing inward so that everyone is now seated in a circle.

You can find single-colored round rugs like these from a lot of places (and probably for cheaper), but these rugs from School Outfitters are made for busy classrooms with heavy use in mind.


Gingerbread Bash

by GO! Curriculum

Alright, this one's a little self-serving, but it really is one of my favorite things! In case you missed it, GO! Curriculum has an all-new version of our most popular event EVER!

Gingerbread Bash is a fun, hands-on Christmas event for kids and families. During this 60—90 minute program, families build gingerbread nativities, hear the Christmas story from the Bible, play games, sing songs, and discover God's incredible gift to the world. It’s perfect for churches of all sizes! Recently, a church leader told me this is going to be their 3rd "Bash" with us. The first year they had 100 people show up. The second year, they had 150. This year, they're moving it to another building so they can accommodate more than 200 people. Families just can't get enough of Gingerbread Bash!



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