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5 ⭐'s - Here's what I am LOVING this month! (July)

I'm always on the lookout for awesome resources - and I bet you are, too! So, here are four that I'm loving right now!

(And as always, these are NOT paid promotions. I recommend them because I actually like them!!!)

Miracle Man by John Hendrix

I know John from way back in the day. We went to college together and worked at the same summer camp! But please don't think I'm biased when I say this...

"Miracle Man" is the most beautifully illustrated story of Jesus I've ever laid my eyes on. Which is no surprise. Not only is John a follower of Jesus, he's a New York Times Bestselling illustrator and Professor of Art and Design at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

In particular, I love the creative ways that John incorporates the text from the story into the illustrated design. You can see what I mean in the pages below.

Every page is a work of art! It's hard to tell who will love it more, you or the kids!

You can find "Miracle Man" plus John's other books here. I would also recommend "Go and Do Likewise." And for older readers (including yourself), "The Faithful Spy" is the incredible true story of German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the plot to kill Hitler. AMAZING!


Better than Paper by Teacher Created Resources

If you have bulletin boards in your KidMin, you'll love "Better Than Paper." Why? Well...because it's better than paper! The product description says it best... Better Than Paper® is a fantastic alternative to regular bulletin board paper. Its write-on/wipe-off surface can be used to write on again and again. Staples won't leave conspicuous holes, and tape peels off easily with no ripping or tearing. It's lightweight, simple to hang, and won't wrinkle. Attach border trim, accents, posters, and student work with ease. It comes in a bunch of different patterns, colors, and designs. And best of's affordable! You can get a 4 x 12 foot roll on Amazon for around $18.


Discord by Discord, Inc.

Discord is a communications app that lets you share voice, video, and text chat with your friends or co-workers. It originally became popular through the gaming community, but nowadays, it's so much bigger than that! This is how we at GO! collaborate on all of our big projects.

The great thing about Discord is that you can create channels around certain topics. For example, if you and your KidMin team are collaborating on your upcoming "Gingerbread Bash" Christmas event, you could create a channel for that. Then, all of your communications surrounding the event are organized in one easy to find place. It's SO MUCH easier than having dozens of emails mixed up with all of your other work or personal emails.

There's a similar app that a lot of churches and companies use called Slack. We switched from Slack to Discord because Discord has even more functionality and, unlike Slack, it's FREE! (It's also the app you'll need if you want to use "Midjourney"--the AI powered image generator.)


The Big Drop by GO! Curriculum

Your fall festival (or back-to-school bash) is about to get even more awesomer!!! Yeah, that's right--I said "awesomer!"

"The Big Drop" is a gospel-centered family experience unlike any other! During this event, families play games, eat sweet treats, and watch gravity do its thing as you drop stuff from way up high and watch it go KERSPLAT! Best of all, everyone gets to hear the story of Jesus’ first disciples and discover how we too should drop everything and follow Him.

This is a great community outreach event that you can host as a stand alone fall event or add on to your annual trunk-or-treat. Or use the summer themed graphics and use it as a back-to-school bash.

Tons of churches have already used "The Big Drop" and their kids were BONKERS excited about it! In fact, some are doing it again this year!



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