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5 Bible memory games for preschool kids

In my previous blog, I shared 5 Bible memory games for elementary kids. But why should they have all the fun? Here are 5 games to help you plant the Word of God in the hearts of preschoolers.

These 5 games are from the GO! curriculum. If you want more where these came from, give GO! a try. The preschoolers at your church will LOVE it!


Practice the Bible verse together several times. Next, choose two children to form a “bridge” by facing each other and holding hands in the air. Tell the other children to get into a line and walk in a circle under the “bridge.” As the children march in a circle, sing the following words to the tune of “London Bridge Is Falling Down.”

Can you say our memory verse, memory verse, memory verse?

Can you say our memory verse?

It’s your turn!

At the end of the tune, have the two children forming the bridge lower their arms around the child who is under the bridge. Encourage the child who is trapped under the bridge to say the verse aloud. When finished, have the “trapped” child replace one of the children making up the bridge and repeat. Continue until everyone has had a turn saying the verse.


Practice the verse together until the children can remember it. When ready, blow a balloon full with air. When finished, pinch it closed, but don’t tie it off. Tell the children that when you release the balloon, they have to quickly recite the verse before the balloon hits the ground. Next, let the balloon go. As it flutters around, the children must race to complete the verse. To make it more challenging, create hand motions to the verse and require the children to do the motions too. If they need more time, give them a head start before releasing the balloon.


Practice the verse together until the children can remember it. When ready, tell the children to pretend like the floor is hot lava and the only safe passage across is on the tape line. Challenge the children to walk the line one at a time while reciting the verse aloud. If they step off of the line, they must begin again. After all of the children complete one trip across the hot lava, play additional rounds using different methods for crossing the lava such as walking backwards or hopping on one foot.


Practice the verse together until the children can remember it. When ready, tell the children they’re going to work out their brains and their muscles. Have the children perform the fitness actions listed below one at a time while reciting the Bible verse. If desired, the children can repeat each fitness action multiple times. Continue until every action has been performed, then ask the children if they would like to make up their own actions.

Fitness Actions:

Warm-up: With one hand, touch your toe. With the other hand, reach up high.

Cardio: Hop on one foot.

Muscle Building: Sit ups.


Practice the verse together several times. Next, have all of the children lie down and pretend to sleep as you sing the sleeping song below. At the end of the song, fill in the blank with one of the suggested animals or objects. The children must then wake up and act like that animal or object. After a few moments of imagination play, have the children say the Bible verse as if they were that animal or object. Direct the children to go back to sleep, then repeat.

Sleeping Song:

Sleeping, sleeping, everyone is sleeping.

When they woke up, they were all ________.

Suggested Animals or Objects:

Lions, robots, snakes, chickens, babies, sloths


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