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5 Awesome Pre-Service Games and Toys

What on earth are you supposed to do with that time between when parents drop their kids off and your children’s service actually begins? Play, of course! I don’t know what you call it – we call it “Hang Time.” It’s a chance for volunteers and kids to just hang together – playing games and participating in creative activities. There’s no agenda beyond letting your volunteers and kids get to spend time together!

Here are five fun and engaging games and toys you could provide for your preservice time.

1. National Geographic Play Sand

Who doesn’t love building a sandcastle? I’m an adult and I still love it! The problem with sand is that it can be super messy. It manages to lodge itself into every crook and crevice. But not so with kinetic sand.

It’s a fun, creative, and relatively inexpensive activity your kids will absolutely love! You can check it out here.

2. Yeti in My Spaghetti

It’s goofy and ridiculous – and your kids will love it! Think Kerplunk only quirkier. They will have the best time playing (and laughing about) this together.

You can order it here.

3. Clixo Crew

Clixo pieces provide an endless array of opportunities to build and create. They are kid tested and approved. The pieces are flexible, magnetic, washable, and stack down to an easy-to-store size.

You can find them here!

4. Easy Playhouse Blank Castle

I honestly wish I’d had this as a child. It folds out into a castles playhouse and your kiddos get to decorate it for themselves. It works for both boys and girls and, bonus, it’s pretty inexpensive so when they have exhausted one you can swap in another and the fun can begin again!

Check it out here!

5. Pop Up Play Tent

Tell me you didn’t love crawling through tunnels as a kid. It’s the best – and totally doable for your children’s ministry. You can set up a series of tunnels, pop-up tents, and even a ball pit all for less than $100. It’s easy to set up, easy to store, and it will endlessly entertain your kiddos.

There are a ton of options on Amazon (here’s one) but you can find more by searching for “play tunnel.”

There you have it! Five super fun and engaging pre-services games and toys that won't isolate your kiddos but invites them to play together!



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