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4 of the Best Dupes for Your Preschool Classroom!

As children's ministry leaders, we all know what it's like having to stretch every last penny in the KidMin budget! That's why "dupes" are so awesome!

What's a dupe?

It's cyber-speak for "duplicate." It's a less-expensive (yet still high quality) version of something awesome. Here are 4 dupes that your preschoolers AND your preschool budget will both love!

(Click the pictures below for the link to each dupe.)

The Nugget Dupe

The Nugget is a popular item for preschool kids! It's fun to climb all over and can easily be used by multiple kids at once. This link also has multiple colors to choose from!

Magna-tiles Dupe

Magna-tiles are all the rage in so many homes and classrooms! This is a great way to use lots of different shapes to build the coolest designs. It keeps several kids occupied at once and will keep them coming back for more!

Montessori Wooden Kitchen Dupe

Montessori items are becoming more and more popular - especially their kitchen set! Ikea has a great wooden kitchen for a very low cost.

Montessori Open Toy Shelves Dupe

Often times kids can get overwhelmed when they walk into a room and the floor is full of toys. A way to avoid them being overwhelmed is having the toys displayed on a toy shelf that they can play with! It is both organized and welcoming to all kids!



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