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3 Ways to Make Your Nursery More Than Childcare

Few things bug a children’s ministry leaders like hearing our ministry referred to as “childcare.” But explaining that what we do is far more than childcare can be challenging – especially when it comes to the nursery. In fact, figuring out how to do ministry in the nursery can be a challenge!

The nursery, though, is ripe with opportunities to minister to the babies in your care – as well as their families. Here are four ways to turn your nursery into a thriving ministry.

1. Cast Vision for Your Volunteers

Your volunteers need to know that they are more than childcare providers. They are

ministers of Jesus!

If you don’t already have a vision for your nursery, spend time as a staff or even

with your volunteer team developing that vision. Dream about the impact your

nursery could make in the lives of these sweet little ones and their families. Then,

communicate that vision clearly and consistently.

2. Pray for and Over Your Babies

As you’re rocking a baby to sleep, pray over him. As you’re calming a screaming

child, pray over her. As you’re building a block tower with a couple of crawlers,

prayer over them. Consider choosing a particular passage from the Bible for your

volunteers to be praying over the children in your nursery every week. For example,

you could pray Deuteronomy 31:6 – that they’d become strong and courageous in

their faith, knowing that God will never abandon them, or you could pray Matthew

22:37-39 – that they’d grow up to love God with everything they are and love others

as they’ve been loved.

3. Tell Them About Jesus

We talk to babies all the time. We tell them how beautiful they are. We tell them we

love when they smile. We speak soothing words when they’re upset. They may not

be able to respond but that doesn’t stop us from talking to them! So, why not talk to

them about Jesus? Why not sing them songs about His love? Why not tell them

stories from the Bible? They’re listening and learning long before they are able to

respond – so let’s make sure they’re hearing the language of the love and grace of


The nursery does not have to be childcare – and, honestly, it shouldn’t be. There are far too many opportunities to share the goodness and grace of God!



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