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3 Ways to Get a Budget Increase for Your Children's Ministry

I think it's fair to say we would all LOVE to have a bigger budget! In fact, one of the most common complaints I hear from KidMin leaders is that they don't have enough money to support their ministry vision. But unless you have experience in the business world, successfully petitioning for a budget increase is something few of us know how to do.


(Here's a hint: Asking your lead pastor, "Hey, can I have more money?" is not a successful strategy!)


So what is?


Great question--glad you asked!


Here are three practical steps to help you present a compelling case for a children's ministry budget increase to your leadership team:

1. Do Your Homework

Before you even begin your budget request, get some data that supports your needs. Understand how your proposal aligns with your church’s overall mission and strategic goals. Use metrics and examples to show how the additional budget will enhance your ministry. For example, if you're requesting funds for new curriculum materials, illustrate how these materials will lead to better engagement and spiritual growth among the children.


Shameless plug alert...


You might say, "If we switch to GO! Curriculum, we expect to see growth in attendance as well as an increase in classroom engagement, salvations, and baptisms.

2. Highlight the Risks of Inaction

It's important to communicate the potential risks of not getting the funds you're asking for. Think of this in terms of problem vs. solution. What problem are you experiencing in your children's ministry. Explain how a lack of resources is contributing to this problem and how more budget money can help solve it. For instance, if you don’t receive funds for essential upgrades, it might affect the safety or the overall experience of the children, which could result in families looking to attend church elsewhere.

3. Emphasize the Outcome

Make it clear what the positive outcomes of a budget increase will bring. Describe how the extra funds will help achieve specific goals, such as improved programs, better and safer facilities, or more effective outreach efforts. Share stories or data that show how past investments have led to measurable improvements in your ministry. By painting a picture of the potential benefits, you can make a more compelling case for why the increased budget is essential.


When your leadership teams sees that you've put together a thoughtfully researched request, you're in a much better position to get a "yes!' (Especially if the youth leader submits their budget proposal on a napkin! 😂)


Just remember, your goal is to present a clear, data-backed argument that demonstrates how the additional funds will positively impact your ministry and the church as a whole.


Good luck!


Oh...what's that you say? 

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