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3 FREE Christmas Resources from GO! Curriculum


Can you believe it? Christmas is ALMOST here! Don't worry, though...we've got you covered! To help you prepare, here are 3 FREE resources from GO!


Looks like David's at it again in this episode of The Journey Today Show! This time, he started a "birth announcement" business—whatever that is! He's even got a fancy new projector, but that thing's so complicated, something's bound to go wrong. Even if it worked perfectly, there's no way David could compete with the absolutely AMAZING birth announcement of Jesus! There were angels filling the night sky and praising God! The shepherds who saw were so amazed that they told everyone they knew about it!



Over the course of theatrical history, a small handful of thespians have delivered performances that can only be described as genius. Billy Bob and his unreliable band of barnyard actors are not among them. Not even close! In fact, for one reason or another, they can’t even seem to make their way on stage. No worries, though! As everyone always says, “The baby Jesus barnyard Christmas show must go on!” During “Billy Bob’s Barnyard Theater,” kids will jump to the rescue by acting out the Christmas story and discovering the greatest gift the world has ever known—the gift of Jesus.

The Shepherds Proclaim: Jesus is Born

Big Idea: : Jesus is God’s gift to the world, so we can share that gift with others.

Key Verse: Luke 2: 17

Bible Basis: Luke 2:1-21


Christmas is coming and Maisy the Mailbox has a message for the preschoolers. Whenever Maisy lights up, it means a new Christmas card has arrived. Each card invites the kids to become a part of the Biblical storytelling in wonderfully imaginative ways. Best of all, as the story unfolds, the preschoolers will become recipients of the greatest message ever—today in the town of David a Savior has been born; he is Christ the Lord.

Baby Jesus Is Born

Big Idea: Thank you God for baby Jesus!

Key Verse: "Let us give thanks to God for his gift. It is so great that no one can tell how wonderful it really is!" 2 Corinthians 9:15 (NIRV)

Bible Basis: Luke 2:1-20


Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Jesus' birth with both kids AND their families? We have the event for you!

“Gingerbread Bash” is a fun, hands-on Christmas event for kids and families that can be hosted at church or at home. During this 60-90 minute program, families will build gingerbread nativities, hear the Christmas story from the Bible, sing songs, and discover the life-changing gift of God's Son, Jesus. It's perfect for churches of all sizes.


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