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GO! ranked #1 in an independent curriculum review

I always believed we had something special with GO! Apparently I'm not the only one! Bellevue Baptist Church and the organizers of the Metro Children's Ministry Conference recently conducted a comprehensive review of 22 different KidMin curriculum options. The evaluation team was made up of 60 practitioners with many years of weekly classroom experience. According to the report, "They are quality educators, teachers, curriculum writers, trainers, and coaches." So what was the conclusion? GO! tied for 1st with a PERFECT score! (Cue the confetti canons.) Here's what one evaluator had to say about GO! for preschool kids: “I absolutely loved the concept, creativity and fresh approach this curriculum provides!...The storytelling format was interactive, really placing the kids in the middle of the story. It was fun and engaging (even silly at times!) right at the kids level.”

And here's what another evaluator had to say about GO! for elementary kids:

“I was so impressed with this curriculum, especially not having been familiar with it. Easily customizable for each teacher. Really liked how they encourage a response from the child on the GO! Home Guide (take-home sheet)...So many positives on this one!!”

To see the full report, click here. Final scores can be seen on pages 4 and 8.

And if you want to see what the evaluators are raving about, visit us at and give GO! a try.


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