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The one thing that makes GO! unique

"What makes GO! different from all of the other curriculum?" That's one of the questions we get asked most often. It's a great question! Especially considering there are literally one billion KidMin curriculum options (not literally). Have you ever seen all of the curriculum options listed out? It's overwhelming. So it makes sense that people would want to know how GO! is different--what makes it stand apart from the crowd. Is it the chronological approach to the Bible? Nope. GO! is one of the few chronological KidMin curriculums out there, but there are others. Is it the Gospel-centered teaching? Nope. GO! is definitely Gospel-centered. It regularly presents the Good News of Jesus and gives kids an opportunity to respond by becoming followers of Christ, but that's not totally unique. Is it the fun? Nope. In my completely unbiased (totally biased) opinion, GO! is tops when it comes to fun, but there's a lot of fun options out there, so it doesn't really make GO! different. Okay, okay, so what is it? In a phrase, here is what truly sets GO! apart: JOIN THE STORY. It's not just a tagline. It's the secret sauce of GO! Every GO! lesson invites kids to become part of the Biblical storytelling in wonderfully imaginative ways. Other curriculum might include kids in the storytelling from time to time, but GO! has taken it to the next level.

Every 4-5 weeks, GO! uses a different theme. Each theme is built around a different storytelling method that puts kids in the middle of the storytelling action. Our methods are interactive, fun, and utilize a variety of learning styles. Because of this, GO! always stays fresh, keeps kids engaged, and helps them grow in their faith regardless of how they learn best.

"But David," you might say, "I have a dozen wigs, a fake beard, and a Jesus robe. We have the kids dress up and act out the story every week. Isn't that interactive?" Why yes, yes it is. That's the classic approach to involving kids in the storytelling. And kids enjoy that, but it becomes old after a while and only a handful of kids get to participate. GO!, on the other hand, uses dozens of different, highly creative storytelling methods that allow all of the kids to participate. If you want to see what I'm talking about, click this link. It will show you a sample of the storytelling methods we use for both elementary and preschool kids.

GO! does a lot of things very well, but interactive storytelling is our signature. It's what sets us apart. Have you tried it yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Download the free sample and invite the kids in your ministry to Join the Story.

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