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4 ways to engage parents during pick-up time

The Titanic was pretty cool, but the best ship is a partnership. (Worst opening line ever!) When children’s ministry leaders and volunteers work alongside the parents, it makes for a powerful partnership that has twice the impact as when they work separately. Here are 4 ways you can reach out to the parents in your church and make a connection. Ask the parents to come all the way into the room before releasing their child. If parents stop at the door to pick up their kids, you're missing an opportunity. It's hard for the leaders in the room to connect with the parents if your pick-up protocol is fashioned after the McDonald's drive-thru. That might be faster, but it's not ministry-minded. Ask the parents to walk all the way into the room and train your leaders to welcome them and connect with them.

Choose one or two parents to connect with during pick-up time. If you throw a dozen balls in the air and try to catch them all, you probably won’t catch any. It’s kind of the same with parents. (Note: do not throw parents in the air.) If you try to connect with all of the parents, you’ll most likely drop the ball. Instead, choose one or two parents every week to make a significant connection with.

Share something positive about their kid. Parents love hearing positive reports about their kids! Better yet, do it in front of their child and watch the child's face light up.

Ask the parents if there is any way you can pray for them. This is a great way to find out what’s going on in the life of their family and to support and encourage them. Show them that you’re truly committed to supporting them by following up with them in the coming weeks.

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