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Sneak Peek: Introducing Topher the Gopher

2 weeks ago, the GO! team dropped a big announcement: GO! for preschool is coming soon! And the response has been amazing! People have been pounding on our proverbial door to get their hands on it. We LOVE your enthusiasm! And we promise...the wait will be over before you know it. An updated website with samples is coming in the next few weeks and lessons will be available for purchase sometime in the month of June. In the meantime, we want to give you a sneak peek at something exciting that's coming. The preschoolers at your church are about to make a new furry friend. His name is Topher the Gopher! (Do you get it? GO-pher. I know...brilliant!) When he's not snoozing away in his gopher hole, Topher is helping kids learn about Jesus in a variety of ways. Every week, to begin the lesson, Topher shares with the preschool kids his 3 story time rules. (You can see a snippet of that video above.) Then, at the end of the lesson, kids yell, "Topher the Gopher, wake up, wake up!" When he appears, they get to practice telling Topher the Big Idea for the day. But if you've ever been friends with a gopher (and who hasn't?), then you know they can show up at the most random of times. Preschoolers might be surprised to see Topher pop out of his hole during story time or during a small group activity too. Our hope is that the preschoolers in your church fall in love with Topher! And we hope that they can't wait to come back every week to see him again. But most importantly, we hope that Topher can be a "friend" who helps your kids learn about and fall in love with Jesus. As always...we are proud to partner with you!


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