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4 simple ways to make new kids feel less afraid in your KidMin

Unless you’re an extreme extrovert, you probably know the terror of walking into a room filled with people you don’t know. It’s the same for kids. Unfamiliar places, filled with unfamiliar faces can be downright scary for them! You can help, though. If you follow a few simple steps, you can put new kids (and therefore their parents) at ease. In fact, you might be the difference between a family sticking with your church or bouncing to another one. Greet new kids right away. The most awkward moment for new kids is the moment they walk through the door. Strike fast! If they’re younger and smaller, get down on your knee at eye level. Introduce yourself to the new kid, ask them their name and engage them in conversation. You’ll probably see the anxiety draining from their face. Show new kids around the room. If a kid is familiar with their environment, they'll feel much more at ease. Show them around. Point out the different areas of the room and tell them what they’re for. More than that, tell them what’s going to happen over the course of the hour. Introduce new kids to others. New kids will be happy to have a leader who connects with them, but at some point, they’ll want to feel like they have a friend their own age. Personally introduce them to other kids in the class. Give new kids a good sendoff. A good sendoff can go a long way in encouraging a kid to return. Try any or all of these: “It was nice meeting you,” “You’re a lot of fun,” or “I hope to see you again.”

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