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30 ways to ask kids what they learned at church (without asking what they learned at church.)

"Hey Lincoln! What did you learn at church today?" That's the question I've asked my son hundreds of times during the car ride home. And almost every time I ask, without really even opening his mouth, he answers in the same way: with an "ah-o-uh" sound that vaguely resembles "I don't know." Ugh...really?! I know that's not true. He's learning plenty of stuff at church. The problem, I've discovered, is not with the KidMin, it's with the question. That question is just so...predictable. Better questions are sure to solicit better responses. So with that said, here are 30 different ways to ask kids what they learned at church that are sure to get a better response than "ah-o-uh." (Click the image at the bottom to download a free "30 Questions for Kids" printable and share with the parents at your church.) 1. What Bible story or verse did you talk about today? 2. If someone asked you to retell the Bible story from memory, could you do it? Show me. 3. What was your favorite part of the Bible story? 4. Would you want to be like the main person in today's Bible story? Why or why not? 5. What was the coolest or most interesting thing you learned today?

6. Do you feel like God was telling you anything during church today? 7. How did you feel after hearing today's Bible story? 8. Did you laugh at church today? What was so funny? 9. What was the best thing that happened at church today? 10. Did you have a prayer time at church? What did you pray for? 11. Who is your best friend at church? 12. What is your favorite thing to do at church? 13. Did you learn any new words or ideas at church today? 14. What was the most boring thing you did at church today?

15. If you could change anything about church today, what would it be? 16. Rate your day at church on a scale from 1-10. Why did you pick that number? 17. Did anyone ask a really good question at church today? What did they ask? 18. Does anyone in your room need prayer? What do they need prayer for? 19. Were you helpful at church today? How so? 20. Is there anything you want to do differently because of what you learned at church? 21. What did today's lesson teach you about God? 22. What did today's lesson teach you about yourself? 23. If you were in charge of kid's church, what new rule would you make? 24. If you were in charge of kid's church, what rule would you get rid of? 25. Did you play any games or do any activities at church? Did it teach you anything? 26. Tell me something I don't know about the Bible. 27. If I sat with you in kid's church, what would surprise me? 28. What do you think God was trying to teach you through today's lesson? 29. What is your favorite thing about your leader at church? 30. If an angry T-Rex were loose in your room at church, what is one thing you would grab before running out? (Click image for free download)

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