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The KidMin curriculum dilemma: have your cake or eat it?


There's an expression that has always bugged me: "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Seriously?! Of course you can! Who in the world would buy cake if they couldn't eat it. The entire cake industry survives on these two inalienable rights: A. You can have cake. B. You can partake in the eating of that cake too. In a way, a lot of KidMin leaders are facing their own "cake" dilemma. They've been convinced that their curriculum can be fun OR it can be Biblically rich, but not both. They see fun and Biblical depth on opposite ends of a spectrum and they've been told that the more fun a curriculum is, the less Biblically rich it will be, and vice versa. I once read a Facebook post in a group where a KidMin leader was asking for curriculum suggestions. Someone responded by saying, "It depends on what you're looking for. Do you want something fun or something full of Bible?" Deep sigh. I get where this comes from. When I was a KidMin director, I used a lot of different curriculum. Some were fun. Some were Biblically rich. None were both. It would have been easy for me to believe that I couldn't have my cake and eat it too. But that's not true! Not for cake and not for curriculum either! So let's clear this up: Fun and Biblical depth are NOT mutually exclusive. You're curriculum can have both. In fact, it SHOULD have both. So, if you feel like you're sacrificing one so that you can have the other, here's what you should do: Give GO! a try. It's a "have your cake and eat it too" kind of curriculum. GO! is a ton of fun! It's an interactive curriculum that puts kids in the middle of the storytelling in creative and quirky ways. GO! is Biblically rich, too. It takes kids through the Bible chronologically and gives them opportunities to respond to God through prayer, journaling, art, and Scripture reading. Best of all, you can give it a try for free! Click this link to sign up for 4 free weeks of GO! Then, take the money you saved and buy yourself a cake. And can eat it too!

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