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Making your KidMin new family friendly: Idea #3

Here's a typical conversation with my 3rd grade son on the way home from church... Me: How was church today? Lincoln: Good. Me: What did you talk about? Lincoln: Stuff. Me: What did you do while you were there? Lincoln: Things.

In summary, while my kid was at church he talked about stuff and did things. We've been at our church for awhile, so I happen to know that there's more to it than that. But what about your new families? Do they know what your KidMin is all about? They should, because a quality children's ministry is one of the most (if not THE most) important factors that a new family considers when deciding if they'll return for a 2nd visit. But if you're banking on new kids telling their parents all about the wonders of your KidMin from the backseat of the car, it probably ain't happening! So how do you fix that? How do you highlight the quality of your children's ministry? How do you let new families know that your KidMin is more than glorified babysitting when they're in a hurry to grab a seat in the sanctuary? Here's an idea: Give first time families a small info card that has a snapshot of what your KidMin is all about. Make it no bigger than a 1/4 or 1/2 sheet. It shouldn't be too long. Parents should be able to read the whole thing in a minute or two while they're waiting for service to begin or while the offering plate is being passed. Here's what you could put on it: Your KidMin mission statement. Some of your core values such as fun, safe, Biblically rich, etc. A short description of what happens over the course of the hour.

Safety info such as check-in/out procedures.

Contact info such as website, social media, email, or phone. Don't try to tell new parents absolutely everything there is to know about your KidMin, just the most important stuff. It should be just enough to show new families that you're serious about helping them raise spiritual champions.

Moreover, make it look professional. The quality of the card reflects on the quality of your KidMin. Let a graphic designer work their magic on it and consider having it professionally printed on high quality paper. Is this the fix-all for casting vision to your new families? No. Nothing beats a firm handshake and a warm conversation. In other words, the card isn't intended to replace relationship. If you can catch a new family on their way out, do it! Tell them what their kid experienced. Thank them for coming. And most importantly, invite them back so their kids can talk about more stuff and do more things.

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