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Top 5 GO! reviews (and why we love them!)

One of the best parts of being on the GO! team is hearing back from the family of GO! users. They're an enthusiastic bunch, to say the least! And every week they send us words of encouragement that make us smile. We hate to pick favorites, are our top 5 favorite reviews and why we love them:

#5: “GO! has been a blast! It’s so easy to work with and it’s saved me hours and hours of time so I can focus on other things. Thank you! I’m very impressed with it!” Jonathan, Mecklenburg Community Church, NC

Why we love it: Who likes having to rewrite their curriculum every week? (Answer: no one!) We're committed to giving you the best lessons so you can spend your time caring for kids and families.

#4: “I talked with a mom and she said she can't believe how her kids are so excited to come each week because it is so fun! And they are learning too, so best of both worlds!” Connie, Wildwood Christian Church, MO

Why we love it: Biblically rich AND wildly fun? Yes please!

#3: “Thanks for blessing Willow Creek by creating professional, easy to use lessons that help my kids fall more in love with God and the Bible. Keep up the great work!” Sandy, Willow Creek Community Church, IL

Why we love it: The Promiseland team at Willow Creek has the HIGHEST programming expectations. We LOVE that they love GO! (Currently half of the Willow Creek campuses use GO!)

#2: “I keep getting great feedback from our small group leaders. They are so incredibly thankful for the way that GO! leads them into meaningful discussions with their kids.” John, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, CA

Why we love it: Small group is like the icing on the curriculum cake. And who doesn't like good icing? (Weird people, that's who!)

#1: “I have been loving GO! so much!! This is truly an answer to prayer for me! I have looked and looked for quality curriculum and GO! is the best out there!!! Tabitha, Bible Fellowship Church, DE

Why we love it: We think so too! But it's nice to hear other people say it. Thanks, Mom! (Haha...jk! Not our mom!) If you want to LOVE your curriculum, give GO! a try. Click here to learn more and get 4 FREE lessons. Then tell us what you think. You could be our next favorite review!


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