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Encouragement...If You See Something, Say Something

If you live in a big city and use public transportation much, you've probably seen signs promoting a nationwide security campaign. The signs say, "If You See Something, Say Something." The idea is simple: if you see something suspicious... DON'T just make a mental note of it... DON'T just ignore it... DON'T just think that someone already knows about it... SAY SOMETHING! Tell someone of authority who can look into it and potentially thwart disaster. Oddly enough, not only can that slogan help protect the public, it can also make a kid's day! One of the greatest ways to build into a kid's life is through encouragement. As much as we sometimes think that kids have it easy, they don't! Their trials might be different from ours, but they're just as daunting and kids have far less emotional strength to deal with them. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way in helping kids endure the daily bumps and develop a positive self-identity. (I'll talk next week about the power of identity.) So how do you go about encouraging a kid? Simple--if you see something, say something. How often do we notice when a kid says or does something incredible, but not say something to them about it? We think to ourselves, "That kid has got serious skills" or "What a great answer, I love how she thinks." But it stops there--we never say anything to them. I sometimes wonder if those thoughts are prompts from God to give someone some much needed encouragement. So imagine what would happen if you treated those thoughts like they were prompts from God. Imagine the impact it would have on the kids around you if you ALWAYS gave voice to those positive thoughts. Simply put, if you see a kid do something that warrants praise, say something to them. DON'T just make a mental note of it... DON'T just ignore it... DON'T just think they already know about it... SAY SOMETHING! Those 10 seconds of encouragement probably mean more to that kid than you could ever imagine!


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