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13 Ideas to help you connect with parents

Hey friends!

It's David from GO! Curriculum!

If it takes a team to disciple kids, then parents should be the star players! That's why it's so important for KidMin leaders to connect with them. Here are 3 of my previous blog posts (with a total of 13 ideas) to help you do that.

Let's be honest, when you signed up to be a KidMin leader, you probably didn't imagine yourself with a bead of sweat rolling down your forehead as you broke the news to a parent that their child flew off the rails...again. But maybe these 6 tips can make having these hard conversations with parents a little easier.


When children’s ministry leaders and volunteers work alongside the parents, it makes for a powerful partnership that has twice the impact as when they work separately. Here are 4 ways you can reach out to the parents in your church and make a connection.


Ideally, parents should be the primary leader in their child's spiritual development, but that's often not the case. Here are three simple ways you can connect with parents and help equip them to lead their children at home.



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